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Thread: built-in heat medium, with independent heating energy

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    built-in heat medium, with independent heating energy

    <p>insulation, generally not alone, and more as a reinforcing material added to the resin, metal, ceramic, concrete and other materials to form a composite material. Carbon fiber reinforced composites can be used as substitute materials for body structures such as aircraft structural materials, electromagnetic shielding materials and artificial ligaments, as well as rocket housings, motor boats, industrial robots, </p>
    <p>automotive leaf springs and drive shafts. With the academic research from staple carbon fibers to long-staple carbon fibers, technologies and products using carbon fibers for producing heat-generating materials have also gradually entered the military and civilian fields. 3, the heating floor wood fiber and carbon fiber fusion technology Nanocarbon fiber molecular groups need to be used through the carrier, </p>
    <p>can not be directly applied to the wood floor, most of the use of heating floor technology is limited to this, can only take an external heating method. The fusion technology developed by Midete Heating Floor solves the problem that the nano-carbon fiber molecular clusters are directly fused with the wood fibers, so that the carbon fiber heating technology can be fully utilized in the wood floors. Heating the </p>
    <p>dining room storage cabinets<br />
    screen patio with composite timbers<br />
    lumber plastic garden panels ireland</p>

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