<p>should not use sandpaper polished . Because the laminate flooring is different from the solid wood flooring, its surface is relatively smooth, the brightness is also better, waxing will be superfluous, self-defeating. Strengthen the wood floor wear level is also quite good, we only need to follow the first step The method will be able to achieve the effect of long-term maintenance. 3, the proposed place at the </p>
<p>door placed pedal rub pad, to prevent dust particles, damage to the floor; overweight items should be placed smoothly; 4, the floor surface of the stains and grill Please use household cleaning agent to clean, do not use a lot of water to clean the floor.Front surface in case of stains, generally do not drip with a dripping tidal wipe can be. If stained with chocolate, Oil, fruit juice, beverages, etc., just wipe with warm </p>
<p>water and neutral detergent can be. If lipstick, crayons, ink and other pollution, available methanol or 5, dry areas in the north, in the winter should pay attention to increase the humidity on the surface of the floor, with wet mop mopping the ground, the appropriate increase in surface humidity, can effectively solve the floor to produce gaps and cracks, such as individual location Cracking, please promptly notify </p>
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