production value the enterprise of 1% returns have not to appear. Effect of scope of dispersive, small effect, lack is the common fault of domestic 8ft privacy fence labor cost furniture company, this also is the bottleneck that Dongguan furniture industry grows further likewise. Be faced with raw material cost to rise, export market is small fan, the adverse element

such as financing difficulty, how improving efficiency of competition ability, promotion is to be placed in a before Dongguan furniture company to Composite Decking Floorplans close greatly. The personage inside course of study is analysed, below the setting that breaks through an obstacle hard by right of single company force, to these furniture companies,plastic fence for sale hold round

development in the arms, become current a very agog composite flooring for boats choice, and government and business circles are very consistent to the view of this one problem. Press down the plan of innovation platform according to major of large market furniture, strive implementation recommends industrial innovation group inside 3 years 40, establish doctoral base