<P>In the daily maintenance of the wood floor, always encounter all kinds of trouble, in the home life, what items can cause permanent damage to the wooden floor,продавец деревянного забора в Сальвадоре wood floor in the daily seven rivals and what? Do know ourselves and know yourself, here we look together.</P>
<P>Wood flooring in the production process due to high temperature, high pressure will not produce termites, but may be due to the construction of the environment itself caused by the phenomenon of external insects in the case, if such things please use insecticide spraying insecticide. Furniture,древесные композитные панели dining table, chair moving or the use of wheel chairs, easy to cause wood floor scratches, affecting the wooden floor beautiful and life. Should be lightly put in the furniture, tables, chair feet plus cushion protection to extend the life of the floor.</P>
<P>Wood flooring material for the natural wood, with water, when the damp will be inflated, wood flooring will be deformed, rot. Wood flooring because of the nature of its own wood,рециркулирующий материал для пола балкона can not be exposed to long-term sun or ultraviolet light, if necessary, the use of curtains and other shade of things covered, otherwise the wood floor will be faded, deformation and so on.</P>