yellow pear from the starting point of the auction price once launched, they launched a fierce competition, and ultimately shoot 62 million high prices, hit the same category of the highest record of the world record.
China Jia De porcelain handicrafts project manager Joe Hao said: This autumn opened a window, so many people re-understanding of the pear furniture. 'In the past, we have made clear the academic value of Ming-style pear furniture, and this auction has made the Ming-style pear furniture in the academic value and market value to achieve a unified, leapt to a new level.
'Because of the long sunshine, large rainfall, Hainan is the largest origin of rosewood, the output of the pear and oil pear was collectively referred to as \u0026 ldquo; yellow pear \u0026 rdquo; ralph lauren pas cher,
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