<p>the production of pure handmade nanmu furniture should be half machine half manual. Like the mortise and tenon structure should be done must be done by a machine perfectness. Like the engraving, the machine is relatively inflexible, it must be decorated by skilled master of sculpture to make it more romantic. Misunderstanding three: buy gold Phoebe nanmu furniture furniture is to appreciate Chinese as a </p>
<p>treasure of traditional culture, appreciation is a natural process, we buy nanmu furniture, should hold a common heart, to enjoy the taste and pleasure. Don't stare at the old price changes, as prices worry about personal gains and losses. Myth four: nanmu furniture must be placed complete Chinese style decoration beauty is mutual, beautiful things can be across space, across borders and across time. If the </p>
<p>house is a modern decoration, embellishment a few pieces of Nanmu furniture, also do not have a charm, and a fine piece of Nanmu furniture is one of the best decoration. Misunderstanding five: &quot;light&quot; furniture must trust the so-called &quot;light&quot; is the furniture polished after not painting, not waxing, coloring on direct sales. But not all their furniture are not tricky. If you really want to buy real nanmu furniture, to </p>
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